Expo Marker, Dry Erase, Low Odor Ink, Black Ink, Chisel Tip

Intense colors. Add excitement. Add emphasis. Add colour! Use new Expo colours to track, schedule and present. Product Information: For use on whiteboards, glass and most non-porous surfaces. Specially formulated low odor ink. Do not shake. Store in horizontal position when not in use. Do not use on cloth. Recap when not in use. If left uncapped for an extended period of time, recap for 24 hours and marker should recover. Chisel Tip: Durable 3-way, chisel tip allows you to mark broad, medium or fine lines. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. www.expomarkers.com. www.sanfordcorp.com. Guarantee: Sanford guarantees complete customer satisfaction and replacement. If your new Expo product fails to perform properly, simply return to: Sanford, 2670 Plymouth Dr., Oakville, Ontario L6H 5R6, Attn: Consumer Service. Try the complete dry erase system from Expo: Replaceable pad eraser. Whiteboard cleaner - Make your board look new again. Replaceable pad eraser XL. Marker Minder: Store markers at the whiteboard. Made in USA.