Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Ant Bait - 4 CT

Hot Shot® Ultra Liquid Anti Bait. Kills in 24 hrs. Use indoors & outdoors. For household use only. Kills common household ants. This product will not control carpenter, pharaoh, harvester or red imported fire ants. Kills the queen & colony! No drips - no spills. Advanced liquid bait technology. Contains both food & water - ants fine the bait fast, so they die fast. Contains 4. 0.45 fl oz (13.3 ml) bait stations. How it works: ants enter the home in search of water and are most often found near water sources (ie: kitchen and bathroom). This is because an ant can live for a long time without food, but cannot survive even one day without water. This bait is extremely attractive to ants because it combines a food source with the water source they need, while delivering a lethal dose that can quickly eliminate the entire colony. Satisfaction guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with this product, send the proof of purchase and your name, address and original cash register receipt showing price, date and place of purchase for full refund to: Hot Shot® Ultra Liquid Ant Bait, PO Box 142642, St. Louis, MO 63114-0642. Made in China. ©2008 UIC. Questions or comments Call 1-800-917-5431 or visit our website at