Rohto Eye Drops, Lubricant, Dry Aid

Other Information: Do not freeze. Misc: Dry eye relief. New. Longer lasting relief vs. leading brand (Self-reported clinical data, 2016). Soothes up to 12 hrs. Restores moisture. Fast acting. Non-blurring. Superior comfort. Sterile. Questions? 1-877-636-2677 Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm (EST). With LiquidShield technology designed to help restore the natural tear film by working on all 3 layers: 1. Mucin Layer: Provides tear adhesion. 2. Aqueous Layer: Provides moisture. 3. Lipid Layer: Slows evaporation. Rate us online at or Facebook; Twitter; YouTube. 5 dry eye symptom relief. Dryness. Irritation. Grittiness. Burning. Stinging. No. 1 global OTC eye care brand by annual revenue. Source Euromonitor International Limited: Consumer health eye care definition, retail value share, 2015 data. Mess free single drop dispenser. Made in Japan.