Veeda Natural Cotton Liners - 40 CT

Veeda® Natural Cotton Liners. Unscented. Filtering Layer For Quick Absorption. Hypoallergenic. Individually Wrapped And Folded For Your Convenience. No Chemicals. No Synthetics. No Dyes. Veeda represents a new way of thinking about your body, your menstrual cycle and your health. It's about making choices that are smart and self-loving good for you and good for the planet. We believe that every woman should be able to choose the purest, safest, most effective products for her body and minimize her risk of side effects from chemicals in synthetic products. Veeda is committed to bringing healthy products, as well as life-enhancing opportunities, to women worldwide. Veeda Liners are designed to fit the contours of your panties and stay in place due to their wide adhesive strip. Since they don't shift around or bunch up, you'll forget you're even wearing one! Made from cotton materials and a filtering layer that wicks moisture away from the body. Veeda liners will feel soft and dry even after extended wear. Our oxygen cleansing (no bleach, ever!) and "silk soft" coversheet make Veeda Liners comfortable and safe for everyday use. Other Veeda products: Pads: UltraThin with wings. UltraThin Night with wings. Tampons: Lite with plastic applicator. Regular with plastic applicator. Super with plastic applicator. Super Plus with plastic applicator. Regular applicator free. Super applicator free. Super Plus applicator free. Please recycle cardboard. The Seal of Cotton and natural™ are trademarks of Cotton Incorporated. T 1-800-927-8260. F + 1650-532-9340. Learn more at