Gillette Venus & Olay Cartridges, 5 Blades

Cartridges/Gel bars net wt: 4 x 0.91 oz (2.5 g). Total 0.352 oz (10 g). + built-in shave gel bars. Lathers, shaves & gently exfoliates. Venus' best shaving technology with Olay's skin expertise all in one. Olay Shave Gel Bars lather & lock in moisture to your skin for less dryness (vs. Breeze over time), and with every smoothing stroke, Venus' 5 blades have you close & gently exfoliate for surface skin renewal. No need for separate shave cream. Your skin will emerge ultra smooth and beautiful. Just wet the razor to activate the built-in Olay Shave Gel Bars, releasing a light lather that contains Olay skin conditioners. Helps lock in your skin's moisture for less dryness (vs. Breeze over time). All Venus cartridges fit all Venus razor handles, except Simply Venus. Reveal the goddess in you. Tell us what you think 1-800-Gillette; Made in Germany.