O Cedar Scrunge Sponge, Scrub, Multi-Use, 2 Pack

4.25 in x 2.63 in x 1 in (108 mm x 66.7 mm x 25.4 mm) ea. Non-scratch. Rinses clean. Teflon quality tested nonstick coatings. Odor resistant. Lasts 20% longer. Recommended for use on Teflon quality tested nonstick coatings (than a regular scrub sponges). A brand of Freudenberg. Patented Scrunge Surface: This Scrunge Multi-Use Scrub Sponge features a patented, durable non-scratch 3D scrubber that won't fray or pill and will last 20% longer than regular scrub sponges. If effectively breaks-up dirt then rinses clean to help eliminate odors. Extra-thick and thirsty sponge quickly wipes surface clean. Satisfaction guarantee since 1906. www.ocedar.com. Proud sponsor of Habitat for Humanity. Proudly assembled in USA. Assembled in USA with components made in Germany, China and USA.