Charmin Ultra Strong® 2-Ply Big Toilet Paper Rolls 9 ct Pack

Pick the pack that cleans better*: Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper! Charmin Ultra Strong 2-ply bath tissue is 4X stronger* when wet. Which means you can be confident your family is getting clean while still using less. How much less? Charmin Ultra Strong cleans better,* and you can use up to 4X less!* Enjoy the Go with septic-safe Charmin Ultra Strong bath tissue. (*vs. the leading bargain brand.) 4X stronger when wet (vs. the leading bargain brand) Charmin Ultra Strong® cleans better, and you can use up to 4X less (vs. the leading bargain brand) With unique DuraClean® texture; 2-ply toilet paper Enjoy the Go® with Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper