GE Reveal Clear Decorative Bulbs 60 Watt - 2 CT

GE Reveal® Clear Decorative Bulb® 60W. Clean, Beautiful Light®. Clear. Ceiling fan. Soft white. 500 lumens. 1.4 year life*. Brightness 500 lumens. Estimated energy cost $ 7.23 per year. 2 decorative A15 bulbs. Rugged bulb construction withstands ceiling fan vibration. Reveal's unique neodymium glass filters out dull, yellow rays, unlike regular soft white bulbs, leaving you with enhanced, vivid surroundings. Based on 3 hours use per day. Reveal® and Clean, Beautiful Light® are registered trademarks of General Electric Company. Brightness - 500 lumens. Estimated yearly energy cost $7.23 Based on 3hrs/day 11c/kWh. Cost depends on rates and use. Life, based on 3 hrs/day -1.4 years. Energy used- 60 watts. Visit us on the 800-GE-Light.