Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps, Chocolate Mint

Snack. Naturally flavored. 10 g protein. 4 g net carbs (Counting Net Carbs? Fiber and sugar alcohols should be subtracted from the total carbs since they minimally impact blood sugar). 1 g sugar. 5 g fiber. Total carbs (10 g) - fiber (5 g) - sugar alcohols (1 g) = 4 g Atkins net carbs. See nutrition for total and sat fat content. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. No maltitol. New. Light & crispy texture. Surprisingly filling! Don't Let The `Light & Crispy' Texture Fool You: These new Protein Wafer Crisps are surprisingly filling! Its all here - the deliciously crispy crunch of light wafers sandwiching creamy chocolate mint filling, all covered in rich chocolate. And, its pure Atkins - provides protein, with no added sugar and 4 g net carbs. Light & crispy. Creamy and crunchy. There's a lot going on here - and it's all good! These might just be the snack bars you've been waiting for! Atkins has all your weight loss needs covered with products for every occasions! Meal: Packed with protein and fiber to keep you satisfied. Snack: The perfect amount of protein and fiber for a between meal snack. FSC: Mix Board from responsible sources. Carton made with wind energy. Paperboard packaging recyclable.